How to Convert MBOX files to Outlook Most Effectively?

How to convert MBOX files to Outlook without worrying about data loss, incomplete conversion, loss of time, and other issues that usually come during such tasks?

How to convert MBOX files to Outlook PST

Converting MBOX files to Outlook can be quite a demanding task. It is sometimes very trick for even for the advanced users that have technical knowledge in email migration. Novice users may find it totally taxing and frustrating.

Fortunately, there is a convincing answer to how to convert MBOX files to Outlook. And no, it is not syncing to the email servers using IMAP.

A note about IMAP method: Many people recommend online on forums and blogs using IMAP transfer method to export MBOX files to Outlook. In such a technique, you first create a dummy email account, sync all your MBOX files to that account from Mac Mail, add that account to Windows Outlook, and now sync all data from email servers to the client.

Needless to say, it is quite long and not worth of your time. If it was just long, maybe it would be fine for some people out there, but it is not just about time. Migration through IMAP is most inaccurate and incomplete. Lots of details are not transferred. And it also requires a lot of internet bandwidth because the data is getting first uploaded and then downloaded.

Not a big surprise then that anyone who is an expert in email migration would advise you to stay away from this manual IMAP method.

The other answer to how to convert MBOX files to Outlook is using a third-party file converter. Since Outlook uses only .PST format, it is makes sense to convert .MBOX files to .PST files. However, in this approach, the only problem that may come your way is dependent on which converter are you using. Most of these MBOX to Outlook converter are truly horrendous with no proper design and algorithms for data conversion.

So, a kind of an obvious suggestion here is to go with a professional tool that has a reputed name behind it.

One such tool that has been received quiet well is “Mail Extractor Pro”. Developed by USL Software, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ has a simply wonderful user interface and advanced algorithms for data conversion. It has ironed out all the issues with the conventional MBOX to PST converter, such as: incomplete data migration, fragmentation and damage to the integrity, loss of time, poor user interface, etc.

How to convert MBOX files to Outlook

How to Convert MBOX files to Outlook using “Mail Extractor Pro”:

  1. First, get the setup here and install it. Launch it and start using in the free trial mode that converts ten items per folder.
  2. Click on ‘MBOX files: Load’ and locate & select single or multiple MBOX files you want to convert.
  3. You can see MBOX files in preview pane, which you are also free to select or deselect.
  4. Select the maximum PST file size, so it doesn’t get oversized which may prove to be problematic while you are importing to Windows Outlook
  5. Click ‘Convert’ and sit back.

In few minutes (depending on the size of the database), you will get your PST files ready to import to Outlook. It will perfectly reflect the data and the original structure of folders as was originally in .MBOX files. Such safety for data integrity is what makes “Mail Extractor Pro” an impressive feat.

The above five steps are very simple and anyone can follow them without any effort.

Here’s the link to get the trial setup.

So, there’s your answer to how to convert MBOX files to Outlook most effectively.

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