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Convert Gmail Mbox to PST for Outlook

Email migration applications have always been not so good with the trust. Most of them can even go too far and damage the users’ original data. That’s just one of the problems with them. The actual list of flaws most tools have is huge.

Converting MBOX to PST is nothing different. And ever since Google allowed users to download their personal data (emails, contacts, calendar entries, blog posts, notes, etc.) into an MBOX file, the demand for MBOX to PST converters have gone further up.

But the sad fact remained that there is rarely anything that makes you convert the files properly.

It’s a good news then that you are here. This post is all about converting Gmail MBOX to PST for Windows accurately, safely, and without wrecking your productivity. However, it’s also reasonable to understand that you may not want to get your data corrupt, or face any such unpleasant and nasty results.

Therefore, the suggested tool and method below comes with a free trial mode. So, now you can check out one of the best tools to convert Gmail MBOX to PST for free.

It’s called ‘Mail Extractor Pro’. The company behind the tool is called “USL Software”. And if you haven’t heard about them, let me give you a brief intro to the company.

USL Software is the well-established copay that has been actively working on the innovation and high-end research on data conversion algorithms and technology. Their long list of tools for converting email files and databases have offered a platform for basic and advanced users that is hard to find elsewhere. Most of those tools are built upon advance and cutting-edge foundation of computation logic that extracts information with sharp precision, something that has been a nuisance in majority of data export tasks.

MBOX to PST conversion is no different when it comes to the complexity and challenges of email migration processes. So, when the news came out that USL Software is going to accepted the challenge, it was natural for the industry to get excited. And they did it. ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is the result of their advanced development phase for converting MBOX to PST without any usual setbacks.

On a side note, this is a tool that can convert Apple Mail data along with MBOX files. It’s the only tool that can directly load your Apple Mail database from the identity folders, without needing MBOX files. But as, this article focuses on just the Gmail MBOX file, this auto-loading option is not your matter of interest.

So, it would be a long article describing all its features and qualities, such as support for non-English text, splitting large PST files, quick conversion rate, GUI, and so on. So, my suggestion is to click the link here and get the installer file downloaded. Next, install the tool like a regular tool, and simply start using it.

Notice that you don’t need any tutorial or explanation to use it. This is one clue to how creative and easy it’s interface is. Don’t forget that the graphical interface has always been a big challenge for developers around the world when it comes to Gmail MBOX to PST converter. But USL Software totally left its impact here as well.

You’ll intuitively know what to do and how to apply the features.

Get it Now to Convert Gmail MBOX to PST

And you won’t be disappointed.

Furthermore, if you still have any questions or queries or not sure what to do, the customer support offered by USL Software will further simplify an otherwise nasty task.

Convert Gmail MBOX to PST

Mail Extractor Pro helps you to convert Gmail MBOX to PST for Microsoft Outlook with zero hassle.

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