Export Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows

How to export Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac & Windows with a tool that works so efficiency and easily, it’s almost a wonder there’s any other method that even exists. Check out how simple, accurate, and productive an email migration job like this can be, if you have proper set of tools.

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So Simple and Yet Astutely Precise Tool to Export Thunderbird to Outlook That It’ll Surprise You!

Export Thunderbird to Outlook

Email migration domain is filled with painful stories of data loss, productivity loss, and essentially anything that’s not wanted. The difference in file formats you are converting, the size of databases, and lack of support all combine into one nightmarish process that is hard even for advanced users to come out of.

Exporting emails from Thunderbird to Outlook is in similar category. Even though both works flawlessly on Mac OS X, the lack of a common data file makes it a terrible process to move emails or other items.

How to Export Thunderbird to Outlook

Through third-party tools, there’s a way to simplify things and find a way to undergo the transition process with little bit of efforts. But that’s just for experts and for those who are aware of complex jargon and can perform manual steps.

Command line tools offer some flexibility and a workaround if you have large scale migration projects.

But all of these are applicable only for IT professionals, and yet for them it’s a menacing process that they don’t want to go through.

The good news is there’s a possible way to make this a seamless job that anyone can perform and end up with accurately converted files. Exporting Thunderbird to Outlook can be done easily and precisely, considering you have a professionally tool handy with you.

And where to look for such effective solutions?

Do not worry. We are not going to recommend you to go and scavenge the web looking through each peephole and this vast mesh of software websites to find one perfection solution. Because the tool recommended below is the best that you can use right now and it works so well both in terms of its interface and data accuracy that it may even surprise you.

This is made possible by the excellent team of developers at USL Software that have been offering well-made professional email migration tools for years. Through smart algorithms, dedicated logic, aggregate of software and services – USL Software has managed to sidestep every predicament and can of worms that make traditional tools such a pain to use.

It goes by the official name of “Mail Extractor Pro,” and comes in several pricing packages, including a free trial version as well that you can download using the link give in this article at the end.

Export Thunderbird to Outlook

There’s also 24×7 customer support that can help in case you need any.

However, with the simple UI and a systematic approach that fits every user (advanced and beginners), it’s less likely that you will need any outside support. Just launch the tool after installation and you will intuitively understand how it works, thanks to the basic UI elements that make it easy to implement the features and to go through each step in a natural manner.

Thunderbird to Outlook

Try it to Export Thunderbird to Outlook

“Mail Extractor Pro” also shines in its data accuracy ability. The converted Outlook files match the input Thunderbird data down to the smallest detail. Nothing is fragmented, modified, or lost. From non-English text to folder hierarchy to attachment and images, you will get everything as it was in original Thunderbird files.

You can check it out through the free trial version here and export Thunderbird to Outlook easily.

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