Making Sure Export MBOX to Outlook Doesn’t Turn Out to Be a Nightmare!

Exporting MBOX to Outlook can be a scary prospect. You can change it by using “Mail Extractor Pro,” developed by USL Software. It has everything you need to convert Mac Mail data accurately.

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Convert / Export MBOX to Outlook (both Mac & Windows)

Mail Extractor Pro” is a tool that runs on Mac OS and is the perfect software to move your Mac Mail data / MBOX to Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook. It is designed to convert MBOX to PST with a precision that’s unprecedented. However, it goes a step ahead and allows auto loading of Mac Mail database.

This database, the ‘Mail’ folder, is the heart of your data. It contains all your email data. You can manually look for it inside your user libraries folder. But there is no need. When you choose auto-load, the tool automatically gets your data ready for converting to PST.

It’s quite obvious to see what difference it can make. It makes the task quicker and easier. For the first time, users with no experience can also turn this job into a smooth sail. Just a single click and you are good to go.

But more than that, this feature brings something more to the table. Something that has always been missing from MBOX to Outlook migration and the solutions were nowhere to be found.

I am talking about data accuracy or preserving of data integrity during conversion. Have you ever heard of data loss or corruption when using a regular MBOX to PST converter? That’s when elements like images, attachments, nested messages, text format, folder hierarchy, and metadata is damaged or not converted properly. That has always been the biggest concern.

By targeting the source of data, and not an archived MBOX file, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ has made that concern a thing of the past. It can scan the database thoroughly and make sure no element is missed or corrupted. You will get everything the way it was originally.

Here are some more features worth mentioning:

Speed: ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ makes the job ten times faster than what any other tool in the past offered. Email migration is no more a task that would botch up your productivity.

Easy Interface: Reducing the number of required inputs and arranging every other feature nicely made a big difference to its GUI. There is no learning curve because the UI is natural and intuitive to use.

Non-English characters support: Worried about losing your emails from overseas friends or clients? Do not be. ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ makes a strong case for its non-English support.

Support: Even if everything runs smoothly, beginners need help. Not for the main conversion task, but for some query that they might have. Or if their database is too complicated. For that reason, 24×7 customer support offered by USL will surprise you. It takes everything and turn into a professional software package that is complete and thorough for uses in small and large-scale migration projects.

Download Free Copy to Export MBOX to Outlook

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Give its free trial version a shot now! It can convert ten items per folder, which will give you the opportunity to evaluate the tool freely.

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Mail Extractor Pro is an ultimate choice to convert / export mbox to Outlook for Mac & Windows.

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