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Export Gmail to PST using "Mail Extractor Pro" by converting MBOX file that Google provides to PST for Mac Outlook 2016/2011 and Windows Outlook 2016/2013 etc.

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Export Gmail to PST (Gmail Export to PST for Outlook)

Gmail is probably the most used web mail client today. Offered by Google as one of its primary services, Gmail has quite a user base. Billions of emails are being sent everyday using only Gmail. And the numbers are only increasing.

You probably use Gmail too. But now you want all of your messages from Gmail to be exported to PST. Do not worry. As tedious and seemingly hard Gmail export to PST sound, we have an excellent solution for that.

But first, a bit of an introduction on PST file.

What is a PST file?

PST is a proprietary file format used by Windows Outlook, an email client. Every email, contact, calendar entry, and other items are stored in PST files. It stands for Personal Storage Table and is only compatible with Windows Outlook and few other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Exchange Client.

When Outlook downloads data from the servers, it stores them on PST files (and OST if the files are kept offline). These files are located on local computers, as opposed to online servers.

PST files can store a large amount of database. Therefore, their one of the best uses is to free up space from servers by moving data into PST files that can be stored on your computer. They can be password protected as well.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that most users find it as an effective approach to keep most of their in PST files. It is mostly useful for old, archived emails that you probably don’t need immediately or in the near future. Whenever you might need to go back, you can simply import PST files into Windows Outlook.

Therefore, it’s again not a surprise that Gmail being the most popular email provider and web mail client, there’s a lot of users requesting for ways to export Gmail to PST.

So, How Do You Export Gmail to PST?

One way is to add your email account to Windows Outlook and then use the export/archive feature to export all the data into PST. You need to keep your internet connection on for Outlook to download everything. Once it is done, you can choose ‘File’ –> ‘Import & Export’ –> Export.

It’s one of the methods to perform Gmail export to PST.

But, it’s not effective. It’s not even close to that. It is slow, confusing, and take lots of manual steps to get the job done.

So, here’s where our method will take the wheel and propel you into the direction that works excellently. You need a tool called “Mail Extractor Pro“, developed by USL Software.

gmail to pst

Mail Extractor Pro” actually converts Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX files to Windows Outlook / Mac Outlook (PST files). That last entry (MBOX) is what we are concerned with here.

export gmail to pst

“Mail Extractor Pro” is the only tool that can convert MBOX into PST files while keeping every content inside the files perfectly preserved. From a single file metadata to large attachments to every kind of Unicode standard encoded text – your contents will be cleanly converted into PST files.

Tutorial: How to Convert MBOX to PST

But what does MBOX have to do with PST?

It’s a great option offered by Google in recent years to let the users download all of their data associated with Google account (Gmail, contacts, Google Plus, Blogger, Chrome, Drive, Google Photos, Hangouts, Location History, maps, and essentially every other service that Google offers today).

You can choose to download/takeout your Gmail data into an MBOX file. And then use that file with “Mail Extractor Pro.” It’s that simple.

Here is the link for Google Takeouttakeout.Google.com

One convenient thing about this is that you don’t have to keep your internet connection on or even your computer on while Google prepares your data to download. It will email you when the data processing is done with a simple and direct link to download the MBOX file.

Once done, simply launch “Mail Extractor Pro” in your Mac, load the file, and click convert. The tool will quickly convert the contents from the said MBOX file into PST file. You can choose to split large PST files after a specific size is crossed, which is especially helpful if the Google MBOX file was too large. This makes it easier to import PST files to Windows Outlook whenever you have to.

Mail Extractor Pro” features an intuitive GUI that a complete novice user can use too without knowing anything about email file conversion. It also works smoothly and very quickly, converting 1GB of data in less than 10 minutes.

There is no other method, tool, or approach that can work better than this. It literally asks you to do two things only – download MBOX from Google and use the file with “Mail Extractor Pro.”

And just like that – you’ve got all your Gmail data into PST file or files.

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