Export Apple Mail to Windows Outlook Using ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

Easily and accurately export Apple Mail to Outlook for Windows using 'Mail Extractor Pro'.

Export Apple Mail to Windows Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro” is a defining email migration tool that has simplified to export Apple Mail to Windows Outlook very much. It features an easy to follow graphical wizard, using which anyone can easily perform the migration without any hassle.

This is made possible by the smart data conversion logic and an equally impressive design of the user-interface. Thus, these qualities give the tool both power and simplicity.

export apple mail to outlook windows

Let’s take a quick look at the simple steps on how to export Apple Mail to Outlook for Windows. Firstly, it is important to note that this tool basically converts Mbox files to Pst, where Mbox is a file format for Apple Mail and Pst is for Windows Outlook. All of your data are stored in Mbox and Pst, for apple mail and outlook respectively. And to migrate it from one client to other, we have to convert Mbox to Pst, which “Mail Extractor Pro” does best.

Additionally, “Mail Extractor Pro” has a unique capability to automatically load your Apple Mail database without requiring Mbox files directly. Which means, it can locate the “Mail” folder inside your Mac hard drive, where the Apple Mail is installed.

So, here’s how you can convert or Export Apple Mail to Outlook for Windows Pst files.

After launching the tool, the first thing it will ask you is to choose the data that you want to convert. Click on “Load” to do that, and then choose from one of the two options – ‘Auto Load’ for letting the tool automatically choose the data from “Mail” folder, or ‘Open’ to manually specify the Mbox files stored in any location.

export Apple Mail to Windows Outlook

Once the data is loaded, you can view all the folders inside  the preview section of the tool. Filter the type of folders that you want, you can also ignore empty folders, and finally, select all the folders that you wish to convert.

Easy to Export Apple Mail to Windows Outlook

Finish the job by clicking ‘convert’. The tool executes its fast and efficient data conversion algorithms to give you accurate Outlook Pst files in just few minutes. The impressive aspect of the conversion is the level of precision and completeness of the conversion. This means that where most of the Mbox converters fail to convert many data components from the original data, “Mail Extractor Pro” can do it with high degree of precision. Here are some of the parts or data components that are hard to preserve by ordinary tools, but are easily done using this tool –

  • Folder hierarchy (The structure of folder)
  • embedded images
  • email attachments
  • email properties (To, cc, Bcc, Subject, From, etc.)

export apple mail to windows outlook

Download to Export Apple Mail to Windows Outlook

“Mail Extractor Pro” also supports multi-language content conversion, so you don’t have to worry about losing your non-English emails. It even supports the ability to convert and save read/unread emails in separate folders.

Click here to try the free version of “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Mail Extractor Pro is ultimate tool to export Apple Mail to Windows Outlook and Outlook 2016  / 2011 for Mac.

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