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The fastest way you convert MBOX in PST. The tool we talk about in this post in detail contains every little feature you should have while converting these files, like batch conversion, ignoring empty folders, splitting large PST files, and more.

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Converting MBOX in PST is always a notorious process. Firstly, there are very few tools for this job that can even run in Mac OS X platform. The ones that do, are limited in their functionality and don’t have the necessary power to get the complex information from these files.

Because email files like MBOX and PST are so complex, they cannot be converted with generic methods.

Convert MBOX in PST

This is a challenge that many users face in many situations. The standard nature of MBOX format means that there are many services/clients/programs that deal with MBOX files. Considering that, it’s unfortunate and always surprising for many users that converting MBOX in PST often leads to trouble.

MBOX in PST Converter

And what are those problems that they are to face most likely? Here are some of them:

  • Plenty of MBOX in PST converters are built with no consideration of a beginners’ or non-experienced user. Which makes their UI incredibly difficult to navigate. And if they have any advanced features (like splitting large PST files and others), they are even more difficult to use.
  • The worst of ordinary MBOX in PST converters can be pinned down to their lack of ability to get all items converted. When you import those PST files back to Outlook, you notice dozens of errors, like the images are broken, or folders are not where they are supposed to be, or Unicode text characters are missing, and more. This is called loss of data integrity and is the biggest concern during MBOX in PST conversion.
  • Majority of these tools are from unknown sources, which makes them unreliable and even risky to use. But what makes the most impact is their lack of any support of any kind. You cannot contact any support team for any reasons because they don’t exist. So, you are on your own, which would be fine if the tool’s algorithms and interface are built in a friendly manner.
  • Many MBOX in PST converters are missing the essential features, like removing any folder from MBOX files that you don’t’ want to convert to PST; you are forced to convert the whole file. You cannot control the size of output PST files, you cannot remove empty folders, and many more.

Considering the limitations posed by ordinary converters as evident above, the task of converting MBOX in PST can turn into a nightmare. Only the luckiest of all face zero issues and that too totally by chance. And if you have massive MBOX files in large number, converting them all to PST will take up your entire day and you will still end up with incorrect output files.

This is where “Mai Extractor Pro” from USL Software comes in.

Best tool to convert MBOX in PST

USL Software is the most reputed and leading source of best email migration tools since ages. They offer tools that can be used by both home users and IT department in large corporations. Those tools offer advanced features, powerful algorithms, and also friendly UI that is comfortable to use even by non-experienced users.

Mail Extractor Pro” is the same. It eliminates all the issues we talked about above.

mbox in pst

The dedicated algorithms to process each complex information (Unicode text, images, attachments, MIME headers, etc.) ensure that the data is converted cleanly without any traces of data integrity loss. The UI is built for effortless conversion even if you have no technical background in email migration. The tech support of USL software is available 24 x 7 and is friendly, responsive, and are experts on the job.

Try it to convert MBOX in PST

You can get a free trial version to check it out all yourself.

convert mbox in pst

Try it today and convert mbox in pst with zero hassle.

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