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Convert Apple Mail to PST

Have you tried to convert your email data from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook? If you have, then you are clearly aware of the complications present in the process. Not only is it very difficult, but also poses a huge risk to data. Your data can be lost or corrupted in a blink of a second.

To help overcome these problems, many companies provided a complicated tool to convert Apple Mail to PST automatically. However, due to the inherent complex nature of the process itself, those tools could do little. If they somehow were able to present a neat interface, then the other problems, such as speed, risk of data, and accuracy was compromised.

The Best tool to convert Apple Mail to PST

Today’s post is about an exception in those third party tools that you might have always wanted. “Mail Extractor Pro” has the necessary design, technology, and interface that could make the Apple mail to PST conversion a task as smooth as summer breeze.

convert apple mail to pst

That is not the exaggeration. Mail Extractor Pro was built over few years, followed by a research, and many phases of software development. Even the tiniest feature of Mail Extractor Pro has been diagnosed and reinvented from scratch to resolve the old issues.

What you get, then, is an impressive interface, powerful email converting engine, and many other small but significant qualities necessary to make otherwise a daunting task easy and professional.

What changed in Mail Extractor Pro is an interface, which is equipped with practical and logical features, ordered, and arranged in a carefully planned interface. IN simple language, it means that developers gave quite an effort to create a simple to follow conversion wizard.

convert apple mail to pst file

Now, all you have to do is follow few steps by reading the simplest instructions. Say good bye to those complicated manual steps that require a human intervention, and were close to impossible to comprehend by a common user.

Mail Extractor Pro understands that not everyone is an expert. Thus, in the making of it, the developers made sure even a beginner can use it effortlessly.

Other worth mentioning aspects of Mail Extractor Pro are-

  • Safety of files
  • High speed conversion
  • Data accuracy


now you don’t have to worry about your files anymore. Mail Extractor Pro creates a super protective environment for Apple Mail to PST conversion, where data loss is highly unlikely.

High-speed conversion

Converting Apple Mail to PST files was frustrating based on the factor of speed alone. It used to take countless hours to get the job done. Now, the things have changed. With Mail Extractor Pro, you can convert your files in mere minutes.

Data Accuracy

It also takes care of the data accuracy of the converted PST Files. That means, you would get completely identical PST files as compared to the original, source Apple Mail files. All the information, data fragments, vital information associated with emails will be preserved. The examples of such data are – folder hierarchy, embedded images, attachments, Unicode content, and read/unread status of mails.

Download to convert Apple Mail to PST

Get it today. You can download the free trial version, which allows for 10 conversion of Apple Mail files to PST from each folder, without any restriction to other features.

Click here to download ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ and convert Apple Mail to PST for Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook.

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