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Try this fully functional, fast, and accurate Mbox to Olm converter that can offer flawless conversions of Mbox files, through all-powerful features and carefully designed user-interface.

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MBOX to OLM Converter

One of the most critical factor in moving emails and other items from Apple Mail to Mac Outlook is the tool you are using. Employ a bad one or even an ordinary one, you are most likely to foolishly throw away your time, efforts, data integrity, and the resources, trying to convert Mbox to Olm.

“Mail Extractor Pro” transcends itself far away from ordinary tools. It would help you make the transition in a proper manner; which would save your time, prevent the loss of data integrity, and most of all, it would help you take the focus away from this tedious technical mess into where it matters – your work, business, and life.

To import data into Mac Outlook 2016 / 2011, you need OLM, RGE or PST file format. Here, Mail Extractor Pro helps you to convert MBOX files to PST file format. You can import the converted PST file into Mac Outlook 2011/2016 instead of OLM file.

mbox to olm converterThe way it achieves that is through several impressive qualities. One of which is an original, inventive, and advanced graphical interface. Long gone is the age of tiresome interfaces that have no systematic wizard, and that contains hard-to understand features.

With “Mail Extractor Pro”, everything would fall right back into place. Every feature would make intuitive sense. And, before you are back from a 10 minute break, several Gbs of your Apple Mail would have converted into PST files.

Other than the interface, it also employs the recent developments in data extraction engineering. The sophisticated piece of programming at the back-end of the tool helps you convert the data with very intense precision. You could expect all the following data attributes from Apple Mail to be thoroughly converted, without a loss of a single Kb:-

  • Your email attachments,
  • the images that your emails contain within
  • any other graphics, like graphs, pie-charts, bars, emoticons, etc
  • properties belonging to emails, including To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, From, time, and date
  • Non-English content
  • folder structure

As a result, what you get at the end of the conversion process is a replica of Mbox files, similar in every way, except the file format itself.

Moreover, the tool holds other possibilities as well.

  • It can also convert Mbox to formats other than just Olm. Several output formats available are – Thunderbird files, Entourage files, and Eml files.
  • You don’t necessarily nead Mbox files. The tool can itself detect the ‘mail’ folder, and it will automatically load your email database.
  • Full preview of the folders inside ‘mail’ or inside the ‘mbox’ file. It also allows you to check the folders you want to convert and uncheck the rest.
  • you can instruct the tool to ignore the empty folders.
  • Choose a location manually where you want to save the PST files
  • Full conversion report in the end

And, a 24×7 customer support constantly backing an already complete solution for Mbox files, you simply can’t ask for more. Try the free version today, which will allow the conversion of 10 items from each folder.

Are you looking for MBOX to OLM Converter?

If you are looking for MBOX to OLM converter, you should try Mail Extractor Pro. It can convert your MBOX file to PST for Mac Outlook 2011 / 15.6 / 2016.

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“Mail Extractor Pro” can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX files to PST file format.

For migrating MBOX files to Outlook for Mac 2011 / 15.6 / 2016 (import PST), try Mail Extractor Pro. No need of MBOX to OLM Converter.

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