Transferring Thunderbird to Outlook Like a Pro!

Transferring Thunderbird to Outlook? Download and Use “Mail Extractor Pro” to do it without making any mistakes for 100% accurate email conversion.

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Transferring Thunderbird to Outlook is apparently a daunting task that can make your productivity take a huge hit. If you are moving to Windows Outlook from Thunderbird in Mac, you might have to spend a lot of time successfully migrating your data.

Transferring Thunderbird to Outlook Data

There are few solutions that people have come up with. The most common and frequently used approach is manually moving data through IMAP data sync method. And it is also the least effective approach. It doesn’t help in saving you time, it can leave out certain data components (like images and attachments), and has dozens of other issues.

Clearly, this is not how a professional would go about transferring Thunderbird to Outlook. A pro, especially in work environment, needs to get the job done quickly without any data loss or integrity loss. So, in a corporate environment, they develop their own customized tools and apps to help them transfer Thunderbird to Outlook. That is not available as an option for others, especially if you are a basic home user.

This makes people think that transferring Thunderbird to Outlook is a nasty process full of dozens of obstacles and glitches. And it’s probably true, unless you have the tools that experts have.

But today we will be revealing a user-friendly solution that anyone can use without any special skills in email migration. And you don’t need to buy a custom-built program.

Transferring Thunderbird to Outlook

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro”.

  • It has a simple graphical user-interface that delivers a smooth experience.
  • It converts everything from Thunderbird to Outlook without exceptions
  • It supports non-English text conversion of emails
  • It can keep the folder hierarchy same after conversion as original
  • It allows splitting of large PST files
  • And dozens of other features.

Mail Extractor Pro converts both Mac Thunderbird & Windows Thunderbird to Outlook (both Mac & Windows).

Tutorial for transferring Thunderbird to Outlook

Here is the step by step tutorial of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ – How to convert Thunderbird to PST.

How to use “Mail Extractor Pro”

  1. As stated above, the tool is extremely easy to use. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge in email migration to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook correctly. Just follow the instructions given on the wizard screens. Here’s a simple step by step approach for that:
  2. First, download the free trial version here. Install it and launch the tool from the Mac applications list. It supports Mac 10.6 OS X version or later.thunderbird to outlook
  3. Click on “load” next to Thunderbird and it will automatically pick up your profile database. It’s one of its greatest features that you don’t need to manually look for your data files or even archive emails to some extra file. The tool will detect the folder automatically and get everything ready for conversion.How to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook
  4. You can unmark the folders you don’t want to convert (or leave all folders for conversion if you need to transfer the entire database)
  5. Check the maximum PST file size that you want to keep. The large files will be split into two different and smaller files. This ensures you don’t face any trouble while importing them back to Windows Outlook
  6. Select the location where you want to save the converted file and click ‘convert’
  7. Wait for the conversion to finish

And that’s it.

You have successfully transferred Thunderbird to Outlook without any problems that any other typical converter or manual approach cannot.

transfer Thunderbird to Outlook

Download the free trial version now for transferring Thunderbird to Outlook.

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