OS X Mail to Pst File Conversion Simplified

OS X Mail to Pst file conversion is not exactly a pleasurable task. But, it has been simplified a lot by “Mail Extractor Pro”.

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“Mail Extractor Pro” is an email migration tool that converts Apple Mail data to Pst files. It does that in two ways – auto-loading Apple Mail database AND manually loading Mbox files. You can choose either one.

Basically, if Apple Mail is installed, you should chose the auto-load option. The tool will automatically scan the “Mail” folder and load up your data. If you don’t have Apple Mail installed, but have Mbox files, in that case choose the option to manually load Mbox files.

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The auto-load option eliminates the need to export your data from Apple Mail to Mbox file. Thus, this method is always more accurate than manually loading Mbox format. It also works quicker and simpler.

That’s why “Mail Extractor Pro” is one of the best tools. But that is not the only exceptional feature it holds. Here are some more of its primary features that can work for you pretty well –

Folder Preview – It shows all the folders and their structure under the preview section. Moreover, you can select or deselect them manually. You can also ignore the empty folders to make it much easier and cleaner.

It preserves the data integrity – That simply means that when it converts the emails from Apple mail (or Mbox) to Pst format, the elements/information inside will remain unharmed and unmodified during the conversion. The newly converted Pst files will have almost 100% data integrity. Here are some of the data elements that most people worry about, but you don’t have to.

  • Email attachments
  • Folder structure
  • Embedded images or any graphical data
  • Properties of emails (to, cc, bcc, subject, from, etc.)
  • Time and date stamps
  • Metadata and SMTP headers

Easy Graphical Interface – Perhaps, its second best feature after the auto-load function is its user friendly graphical interface. The tool has only graphical screen and all the features and buttons are located inside that one screen. It makes for a very smooth and intuitive conversion process, where there is almost zero mental effort. Everything feels natural and intuitive. Simply click on “Load”, choose the auto-load option, select the folders, and click “convert”.

Speed of the conversion – “Mail Extractor Pro” can convert the emails with a very fast rate. Depending on your computer specifications and other factors (such as background processes), it will convert the data with the speed of 1GB per 10 minutes.

Batch Load of Mbox files – If you are manually loading Mbox files, you are free to load more than one Mbox files and convert all of them to Pst files in one attempt. This is yet another feature that adds to its overall speed of conversion, since you don’t have to repeat the process for each Mbox file.

Support and updates – There is 24×7 support ready to help you with your queries and setbacks, if any. Also the updates are free, and will always be for the lifetime (company official policy). Never pay a dime extra for any updated version.

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Download the free trial version here.

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