MBOX to PST Converter full version – What Are all The Reasons That Make It Simply the Best Converter for this Purpose!

MBOX to PST Converter full version. Find out why is it best and why you should download it right now! Developed by USL Software, the tool features all essential necessities to make the job simple and more effective.

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MBOX to PST converter full version allows users to convert unlimited files with the MBOX extension to the Windows Outlook data files with PST format. Both MBOX and PST are commonly used data files but there are many differences between both of them.

MBOX to PST Converter full Version Benefits

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  2. Convert Unlimited Accounts
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mbox to pst converter full version

For starters, MBOX is a generic file natively associated with Mac Mail but can be used with many apps and programs. It is also used by Google to let users download the data from Google services into an MBOX file. On the other side, PST is strictly compatible only with Windows and Mac Outlook. And the varying nature of both file formats and their inner structure creates a complex job to convert them.

Therefore, what you need is not just another ordinary, callously built tool that doesn’t take care of the data integrity and end up with errors. These poorly designed tools don’t handle the complexity of the modern-day emails correctly. Users report missing components like images, attachments, metadata, and dozens of other such details are very important.

Why ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is the best?

This makes a clear case of what type of a software application should be used with not so a simple task of MBOX to PST converter. And such professional tools are too rare to find them easily. But lucky for you, you came to this page and you are going to get the best MBOX to PST converter full version and the reasons why it is the best, most recommended tool for this job.


mbox to pst full version

The tool is called “Mail Extractor Pro” and there are many reasons why the tool has risen the ranks in leading MBOX to PST converter full version. But in this article, we are going to go over the most important of them that aren’t available with traditional converters.


download mbox to pst converter full version

Number one reason why “Mail Extractor Pro” is the best and something every data converter should have is the accuracy and the ability to retain and preserve every information from input to output. “Mail Extractor Pro” has powerful logic, dedicated to each element inside these files, ensuring clean and exhaustive data export. Nothing will be missed or converted incorrectly.


download mbox to pst converter full version free

It is able to convert all images, attachments, metadata, nested emails, non-English text character (including Unicode), and creates folder hierarchy same as original. All these components are tricky to convert MBOX to PST.


mbox to pst converter full version free

Second most notable feature of “Mail Extractor Pro” is its interface. This is again a feature that should be well-designed and considered for every software application, not just for email migration application.


mbox to pst converter full version free download

Mail Extractor Pro” has a very simple interface with all its sophisticated features easily accessible and even a non-experienced will be able to implement those features in a seamless and efficient way.


mbox to pst converter full version freeware

A user-friendly interface goes a long way in professionally converting MBOX to PST files. Without which, even the most advanced tool can fail miserably.


full version mbox to pst converter

There are dozens of other features that you would not find anywhere else. Like splitting large PST files, folder selection, full conversion log, and more.


mbox to pst converter

Download MBOX to PST Converter Full Version

The best way to find out more about this tool and all its features is to download the free trial version. You can download it here.

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mbox to pst converter full version software

Buy MBOX to PST Converter full version today for hassle free migration from Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX to PST for Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook.

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