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How to import Mbox to Outlook Pst file format, check it out here.

Mbox and Pst are data files used by Mac Mail and Windows Outlook respectively. Mbox is a generic file format for mailboxes used by many clients. Whereas, Pst is a proprietary file format by Microsoft only used by Windows Outlook. Windows Outlook doesn’t support any other file format, not even Mbox.

Therefore, if you have an Mbox file, you can’t open it through Windows Outlook. Or you can’t import Mbox to Outlook Pst in case you are switching from Mac to Windows. What you can do is convert the Mbox format into Pst format using third party tools.

This file conversion is not possible through conventional means. First of all, it is nothing like the regular file conversion; this involves complex email data file that has tons of data and meta-data. Secondly, most third party tools are discouraging due to their difficult user interfaces and myriad of other problems. Even if you learn how to deal with the UI, other problems, such as, data corruption, slow rate of conversion, no support, and no support for non-English emails can impede the process.

There are few third party tools that are professional and deal with this task properly. One such tool is Mail Extractor Pro” by USL Software. It brings tons of new advancement into the process that allows the end users to convert their data neatly.

One of the feature that shines most brightly is its automatic detection of your Mac Mail data from the “Mail” folder. This eliminates the need of manually archiving data to Mbox files. You simply choose “Auto Load” in place of “Open” when loading the data, and the tool scans the Mac for “Mail” folder. The conversion takes place straight from the identity folder, ensuring higher preservation rate of data fidelity.

There are many more advantages of this approach.

  • Saves time – Since you don’t need to manually archive data, it can save a lot of time.
  • Easier – The process becomes much more easier for amateurs because all they have to do is click the option and the rest is done for them by the tool itself. The amount of manual work required is significantly reduced.
  • Data Accuracy – Because the tool targets the data source directly, the chances of data loss is less. The process of archiving data to Mbox can result is substantial data loss. You won’t notice any ambiguities or irregularities with the data, such as, unreadable text, loss of headers, loss of images, messing of folder hierarchy, and such.

All of this has been made possible by “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Here are two more features that set apart the tool from all the others –

Conventional Approach – Though, it can directly load data from the source, it also allows users to manually load Mbox files from any location. That’s because it allows users to convert data from multiple users and multiple machines. The default ‘Auto Load’ feature can only load data from one user and one database that is installed on the machine.

Split Large Pst files – The tool can limit the size of output Pst files by splitting large Pst files as they reach the allowed limit and creating a new file. This is helpful because Windows Outlook makes it a big deal to import large Pst files. Most conventional tools lazily graze over this inability of the client and not offer any work around, leading to frustration when users aren’t capable of importing Pst files after wasting hours to convert data in the first place. Not anymore!

The free trial version (link given below) will help you see the tool working in action. Download it now. It’s risk-free.

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To import mbox to Outlook PST, must try “Mail Extractor Pro“.

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