How to Convert MBOX Files to Outlook - No-Fuss Approach

Here’s how to Convert MBOX Files to Outlook easily and quickly. And a surprise new approach that you can apply to up the precision multiple folds.

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How to Convert MBOX Files to Outlook, Including a Surprising Better Alternative

MBOX files are native Apple Mail files for archiving data. Over the last few years, it has gained a generic reputation since many other clients are compatible with the format. Sadly, Windows Outlook is still not in good terms with it. Microsoft uses PST format, its own proprietary file format, for data storing purpose in Windows Outlook.

No wonder we have witnessed a flood of many tools and techniques on how to convert MBOX files to Outlook. Many third-parties companies and indie developers have attempted at creating applications that can convert .MBOX files to Outlook.

Some of them can be useful in certain situations, to some extent. Majority of them failed terribly.

The problem with these MBOX to PST converters that somehow answer the questions many ask on regular basis – how to convert MBOX files to Outlook. There is the concern of data loss, painfully slow speed of conversion, difficult user-interfaces, no support for converting UTF-8 and UNICODE characters, no technical support for beginners, and so on. It can get quite nasty if you are not an expert and applying the ordinary methods for your MBOX to Outlook conversion without any assistance.

The Ultimate Answer on How to Convert MBOX Files to Outlook

Welcome to USL Software. This is where this world-renowned software company brings its years of experience and skills to a task that is despised by many, including IT giants. USL Software managed to do what many others failed.

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is that solution you have been looking for all this time. It’s a Mac application, first and foremost. Most other MBOX to PST converters are for Windows, which creates its own limitations. When it comes to converting a Mac Mai data file, the evident fact is that the Mac based tools will do the better job.

Secondly, USL Software designed the interface in a way that helps the beginners as well as experts. Its UI is totally friendly and intuitive to use, but that doesn’t limit the power and functionality that’s required for large-scale migration.

how to convert mbox files to outlook

Let’s take a look at some of the features individually:

Batch Conversion – For the first time in history, you can now convert more than one MBOX file to PST in one go.

Folder Preview – The tool has a preview section where you can see all the folders inside your MBOX files.

Folder selection – Majority of MBOX to PST converters convert the entire files to PST without giving any control to the end users. Here, you can manually select or de-select the folder for conversion.

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ has also raised the bar for data precision tremendously. It is almost universally accepted that during .MBOX to Outlook data migration, there are few items or information bits that are hard to convert; they are either lost or not converted accurately. “Mail Extractor Pro” shatters that universal sentiment by implying the in-depth and multi-phase dynamics to the framework of this tool. It will go deep into your MBOX files and will convert everything without exception.

That includes – embedded images, non-English text, folder hierarchy, metadata, attached signatures to emails and official documents, read/unread status of emails, email attachments, nested messages, timestamps and date, and every other item.

The Surprise – You don’t Need MBOX files

Lastly, there is one feature that finally nails the efficiency of the tool. And due to which, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ craves out an entirely new category of tools on its own.

Instead of using MBOX files to convert into Outlook PST, now you can directly load Apple Mail data from the identity folders. The tool will auto-detect your “Mail” folder from the hard drive of your Mac and get everything up and ready for conversion. No more fiddling around with archived MBOX files. This makes the job much more efficient, quick, and precise. And this is what USL Software and other experts highly recommend.

Download the free trial version and check it out for yourself. The interface is so easy (from the installation to the actual conversion) that you don’t need any kind of training. Just launch the tool and you’ll intuitively know what to do. Get your free trial copy now!

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How to convert mbox to outlook

Convert mbox to outlook

Try it yourself and know how to convert mbox files to Outlook pst with the handy tool.

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