Finest MBOX Converter to PST Free for Both Beginners and Experienced Users!

MBOX Converter to PST Free for moving data to Windows Outlook, from either Mac mail, Thunderbird, or from Google MBOX file. The converter utility is easy to use and highly accurate.

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Finest MBOX Converter to PST

MBOX converter to PST free helps you in moving data to Windows Outlook, most often from Mac Mail or Thunderbird. But since MBOX is a standard file for storing email related data, it can also help in many other situations.

Most users look for an MBOX converter to PST to use the Google MBOX file in Windows Outlook. Google lets you download all of your data from Google services into an MBOX file (called Google Takeout), but it’s not too useful for Windows Outlook users because Outlook doesn’t import data with any other file than PST.

And that’s where a good MBOX converter to PST free can really come into use. By converting MBOX to PST, you can import any data in PST format into Windows Outlook. Simply go to ‘file’ à ‘Import/Export à Import file from another program or file à Choose Outlook data file (.PST) à Next.

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But that part is easy. The real problem here is how to get started with the first step and that is how to convert MBOX to PST in the first place. Sure, there are MBOX converter to PST, some are free, some are paid. But do they work? It’s a concern for many users because not only most ordinary MBOX converter to PST don’t work, they can often end up with damaged files, which wastes time and can even lead to damage to the original files.

Therefore, it’s very important to go with a converter that has been built by a reliable source and features advanced conversion algorithms that do not output fragmented or compromised files.

The best MBOX Converter to PST

Mail Extractor Pro” is one such MBOX converter to PST. It is a perfect, most accurate conversion utility to convert MBOX files to PST. But it is more than just a mere file converter. The tool is actually a fully-developed email migration utility for Mac OS X that offers many functionalities and everything that is required to pull this task off successfully.

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Here are few examples of what makes it the best utility for this job:

  • It can convert more than one MBOX file to PST in a single attempt. No more messing around with one-to-one file conversion methods.

  • It can also convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox databases directly from the source (Identity/profile folders). That means, for converting the data from these clients, you don’t even need to manually archive your data into MBOX or any other file. It can target the profile directory automatically for conversion.

  • Languages like Chinese or Japanese can hard to convert (because they use double-byte characters). “Mail Extractor Pro” brings full functionality to convert text in any language including DBCS, UTF-8, and Unicode.

  • Mail Extractor Pro” maps the folder hierarchy correctly. The original order or the location of your folders and the sub-folders within will be converted from MBOX to PST without modification.

  • Split PST files: you can set the maximum size for output PST files. If MBOX files are huge and the specified limit isn’t enough, the tool will itself create additional files. This is super helpful because large PST files can really be annoying when importing to Windows Outlook and often requires multiple attempts and also leads to unseen errors.

mbox converter to pst free

Download MBOX Converter to PST free Trial

Mail Extractor Pro” is available in Standard, Business, and Enterprise licenses. Get the one that fits your needs (meaning: in many machines do you need to install the tool).

Click here to download ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

mbox converter to pst free download

But if you are still hesitant, get the trial edition and check it out how it works before registering to the full version.

The best mbox converter to pst, try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox & MBOX to PST for Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook.

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