Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 Like It’s a Piece of Cake!

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 for Mac and Outlook 2016 for Windows. Introducing you a professional software to convert the Mac Mail data.

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Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 (Mac / Windows)

You moved to Windows Outlook 2016 or Mac Outlook 2016 recently and now looking for a way to move your emails from Mac Mail to Outlook. It’s a bold statement that you can export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 like it’s a piece of cake. A typical email migration, involving any two email clients, is nothing but.

Mac Mail and Outlook 2016 have very little in common. Most importantly, their data files are dissimilar. You cannot use any common file with both email clients. Therefore, to move data across, you need a third-party tool that can convert the formats of files appropriately.

That brings us to the typical approach of converting EMLX files to PST, where EMLX is a file for Mac Mail and PST is a file for Windows Outlook. On a side note, PST is not a native file for Mac Outlook, but you can still import data using PST files. So, converting Mac Mail to PST files lets you import data to both Mac and Windows Outlook versions.

But EMLX to PST isn’t a straightforward job. It’s incredibly lengthy and time consuming. Mostly because a single EMLX file contains a single email message from Mac Mail. And most of the converters cannot work properly if you force them for batch/bulk conversion. Even though, EMLX to PST conversion is quite common (perhaps because it’s the only known solution), it is inefficient.

So, let’s get back to our bold statement – Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 like it’s a piece of cake.

If most solutions are sloppy and do not deliver accurate results, how can you convert data easily? The good news is that it is actually possible. All you need is a professional email migration utility (Not just a simple file converter) and you can also convert your data with equal proficiency as that of an IT professional in a large corporation.

The tool that will offer you this professional solution is called “Mail Extractor Pro“.

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And let’s directly talk about the reason why “Mail Extractor Pro” is a game changer in the category of Mac Mail to PST converters. Reason being simple but impressive: “Mail Extractor Pro” does not convert data using EMLX files. At least, that’s not only how it can convert data. The recommended feature to use to convert data is to let the tool automatically load your emails and other items directly from the main source, and that is your profile/identity directory located inside users’ library folder.

This direct approach makes the job much more precise, easier, and quick.

On top of that, “Mail Extractor Pro” also has achieved other aspects of a software tool to fine perfection. For instance, it has a very simple interface that makes the job easier. It also features other additional options allowing flexibility and control. Example – you can split the large PST files, or manually remove folders from conversion, or take help from detailed conversion log/report for multiple large-scale migration projects.

export mac mail to outlook 2016

Download to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

If you are interested, get the trial setup now. Click the link below. No sign-up, no initial configuration. Just instant download, 2-minutes installation, and start the trial setup instantly.

Download Now at https://www.mailextractorpro.com/download-now/.

how to export mac mail to outlook

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To export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 for Mac or Windows, try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

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