Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013 – Unveiling the Best Approach

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013 by converting ‘Mail’ folder to PST files. “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software helps you do that with utmost precision and ease.

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Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013 and other Outlook Version.

To export Mac mail to Outlook 2013, try ‘Mail Extractor Pro. It can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX files to PST for Windows Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 and Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016.

Email clients have come a long way from when they were first introduced. Mac Mail and Outlook for Windows are two email clients that have gain the largest user base in Mac OS X and Windows respectively.

The list of features is very long. The GUI is built with creativity and care to the needs of all the users. The productivity in handing the emails has been sky-rocketed due to the efficiency of these email clients.

Therefore, when it comes to email data migration, it often causes the equal amount of pain. Most of the times, users are surprised to find that exporting Mac Mail to Outlook 2013 isn’t the straightforward process as they thought it would be. After all, both email clients are popular and have existed since many years. So it makes sense to not worry about moving data from one to anther as some friendly solution surely must exist.

Sadly, not true. There are no official solutions for both Apple or Microsoft.

What third party software companies have come up with is converting MBOX to PST files. This is because you can archive Mac Mail data to MBOX files and then use these tools to convert to PST files. (MBOX isn’t compatible with Windows Outlook; that would be a complete different story)

You might be here, worried, and anxious about the same.

Well, I’ve got a good news for you.

Finally, there is a solution to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013 quickly

USL Software has always changed the ways we all migrate our emails. And now, they have done the same for Mac Mail to Windows Outlook migration.

If you are switching from Mac Mail to Outlook 2013, or any other later version, you’d better download “Mail Extractor Pro”.

It’s a tool of its own stature, and there is none like it.

What are the best features of the tool?

First off, it helps exporting data without converting MBOX to PST. It can do that too but is not recommended over its first choice of method, which is direct conversion.

The direct conversion technique auto-loads ‘Mail’ folder and then convert it to PST. This is incredibly swift and easy as compared to any other possible methods existing prior to this. It isn’t difficult to imagine how it could make a difference. You just choose ‘Express’ and the tool does the rest.

It also gets rid of the problems associated with archived MBOX files. Archiving process often leaves out certain information or data elements, which in turn can make the actual conversion inaccurate and flawed.

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is apt in converting things that a conventional tool can never. Such as:

  • Embedded images or any graphical data
  • Email attachments with any format
  • Format of text inside emails
  • Nested messages and their complete order
  • Folder hierarchy
  • Non-English text including Japanese and Korean
  • Metadata an headers, such as To, From, Cc, Bcc, and Subject
  • Timestamps and Date

USL Software not only worked industriously to make this new technology a reality, they also designed the UI of the tool with equal dedication and creativity. Which is why you get one of the simplest interfaces in the history of email migration software. It is even more impressive when you consider that the tool does not compromise on any functionality that could possibly be existing.

It lets you do everything that you need – choose folders, convert contacts and calendar, split large PST files, sort folders, ignore empty folders, and more – without burdening or cluttering the UI.

It’s the software designing at best.

So, what are you waiting for? There is a free trial version that lets you convert ten items from each folder. Download it now!

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013

Mac Mail to Outlook 2013

export mac mail to outlook

Download Mail Extractor Pro to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / Office 365 for Windows and Outlook 2016 / 2015 / 2011 for Mac.

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