EMLX to Outlook 2013 Conversion at Zero Complexities

Converting EMLX to Outlook 2013 in order to move Mac Mail data isn’t the most effective solution. What we have for you here is simply the most flawless way to get your Mail data transferred to Windows Outlook 2013 without having to deal with the complexities of EMLX file conversion.

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What We Have for You Here Will Help You Avoid the Complexities of EMLX to Outlook 2013 Conversion!

Converting EMLX to Outlook 2013

EMLX to Outlook 2013 conversion is very common way to get the Mac Mail data exported to Windows Outlook 2013. Since Mac Mail natively uses EMLX to store email messages, it makes sense to convert them to Outlook 2013 format (which is PST) to get the emails to migrate.

However, it’s not a surprise anymore that this sort of raw file conversion and manual handling of the data files lead to dozens of problems. The worst of them is incomplete conversion, where you get many of the items from Mac Mail missing in the final PST files for Outlook 2013. It’s also lengthy and complicated for beginners. Many converters that allow such EMLX file conversion are not intuitive in the slightest sense.

EMLX to Outlook 2013 Converter

So, what we here for you is the much better way for the same purpose of moving Mac Mail data. It’s through “Mail Extractor Pro,” which is a Mac OS based tool by USL Software, bringing a whole new way of dealing with the job.

EMLX to Outlook 2013

Instead of EMLX to Outlook 2013 conversion, “Mail Extractor Pro” directly picks up the entire profile database of Mac Mail. Since it’s a Mac OS based tool, it has no problem doing that. Note that if you don’t have your Mac Mail profile database, then you can choose the optional EMLX conversion method, which is also offered by the tool in case like yours, but it’s not the optimal approach. Most of you will have the database intact that you want to move.

EMLX to Outlook 2013 Conversion

EMLX to Outlook 2013 Conversion Simplified

Simple click on “Load” next to the Apple Mail option and choose Auto Load. This will make “Mail Extractor Pro” scan the entire database of Apple Mail and will show you all the folders inside it. You can manually remove/uncheck any folder that you don’t want to convert or leave all of them checked for conversion.

Converting emlx to outlook 2013

This is not a tiny improvement over EMLX to Outlook 2013 method but significantly superior in every way. It works with a lightning fast speed, it is easier for beginners, and it yields far more accurate output files without compromising the fidelity of your data files.

Free Trial for EMLX to Outlook 2013 Conversion

“Mail Extractor Pro” even has a much-needed option to limit the size of PST files. This is important because if your Apple Mail profile folder is large, the output (PST file) will be large too and a large file can be very hard to import to Outlook 2013. Now you can limit the output size and the tool automatically creates additional files. This gives you multiple PST files instead of just one, but all of them will be under a reasonable size limit.

The output PST files are in standard PST format. That means you can use them to import data not just in Outlook 2013 but in every other version of Outlook. It is also compatible with Mac Outlook.

If you want to know more, get a trial version to convert EMLX to Outlook 2013 and other versions.

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