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Convert Entourage to Outlook quickly and not suffer any partial conversion or integrity issues. The tool recommended here will allow you the best possible way to migrate your data across these clients.

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Convert Entourage to Outlook in a Matter of Few Minutes using ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘. It is the best possible way forward, otherwise this could be tedious task of email migration.

how to convert entourage to outlook

How to Convert Entourage to Outlook

Entourage was an email client by Microsoft that was later replaced by Outlook 2011 for Mac in the year 2010. Entourage is still used by many users. However, if you are finally getting ready to switch to Outlook in either Mac or Windows, you may face trouble migrating your data across the clients. Because Entourage is an older and relatively outdated client, it uses file format that’s not compatible with Outlook.

The best way to get the data moved as recommended by experts is to convert the Entourage database into PST files.

But why PST files?

That’s a good question.

PST is a format natively used by Outlook in Windows. It’s a short form for “Personal Storage Table” format and allows users to export, import, backup data, and all other similar sort of operations. But the good thing about PST format is that it can also be used to import data in Mac Outlook, even though it is not a native file format for the Mac version of Outlook.

By converting Entourage data to PST files, you can easily move emails or other items from Entourage to Outlook, in both Mac and Windows versions.

But this is a process that can be quite lengthy and daunting, even if you are an expert. What matters is a proper set of tools and methodologies without which you can end up losing your precious time and worse, your data integrity.

Since email databases like that of Entourage can be quite complex, the data processing that requires to get it moved or imported requires sophistication. Most likely, your emails in Entourage are not just simply text files, like they used to be back in the old days. Nowadays, or even when Entourage launched first, emails can contain a lot of tricky information ranging from images, attachments, non-English text, and what not.

Here is list of items that are most likely stored in your Entourage database that you are looking to convert to Outlook PST files:

  • Images or any other graphical information like logos, graphs, icons, etc.
  • Email attachments including MIME defined items that are non-text files, like Applications (.exe), media files, and more.
  • Contacts and calendar information
  • Headers (information like To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Time, and Date stamps)
  • Text formatting (rich text and HTML formatting)
  • Unicode text, including non-English languages like Chinese and Japanese that can be trickier because of their double-byte characters
  • Folder hierarchy or structure in which you have arranged your emails into folders and sub-folders within
  • And more

Now imagine losing all such components during Entourage to Outlook conversion.

The only way to avoid this sort of integrity damage or discontinuity is to use a professional file converter that can process information without missing anything.

convert entourage to outlook

Entourage to Outlook Converter

There are only few such tools that can give you the peace of mind and you can convert your data without stressing over damaging the fidelity of your database. One of the best in that category is “Mail Extractor Pro,” developed by USL Software.

converting entourage to outlook


Mail Extractor Pro” ends all the previous frustrations that were caused by ordinary algorithms and poor interfaces of similar email migration tools. This application from USL Software is developed by advanced and dedicated data processing logic that can get every single component from Entourage to Outlook including everything that was listed above.

entourage to outlook

You can see it for yourself. Luckily, USL Software gives you a free trial version to try before buying the full version. You can get the setup file by clicking the link below.

Get it to Convert Entourage to Outlook

Only “Mail Extractor Pro” has the power and the capabilities to go through this otherwise tedious process easily and safely. It will change the way you look at tasks like converting Entourage to Outlook PST files.

Try it now at

convert entourage to outlook for mac

Moreover, there is a support that’s available 24 x 7 by USL Software. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feel you need help at any point during conversion. The support staff makes things even furthermore professional and far easier for beginners and experts alike.

convert entourage to outlook for windows

To convert Entourage to Outlook (both Mac and Windows), try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today.

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