4 Primary reasons why Mail Extractor Pro is best for Apple Mail to Outlook conversion

Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion – Why Mail Extractor Pro

Mac has a huge user base; but Windows user base exceeds with a considerable amount. There are a lot of users for Windows, many compared to Mac. Therefore, due to work reasons or some personal needs, one may want to move away from Mac to Windows.

Thus, arises the need of changing the email client as well. Apple mail is the default email client that comes with Mac computers, and therefore, is the most used. In Windows, Windows Outlook has the edge against the other clients.

This article refers to the transition between Apple mail to Outlook conversion.

There has always been a lot of discussion about manual ways of conversion. We never recommend converting the data from Apple mail to Windows manually. It comes with many complications and serious setbacks. One of which is data safety issues. The other is a wastage of time, since manual methods work in multistep and is very slow.

The need of a professional email migration tool can never be overly stated. If you care about your data, time, and efforts, you would choose a professional tool which would take you through the task successfully.

Mail Extractor Pro is one of such rare effective tools in the market, which could perform the task with ease and accuracy.

Today, we discuss the four major factors that put ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ at top, way ahead of any other similar Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion tools.

The only emphasis on Email Migration

USL Software, the company behind Mail Extractor Pro, has been the authority in this field for a long time and has established themselves as experts. The edge that USL has is their primary focus on email migration alone. Many companies have a wide range of products resulting in the lack of a keen eye in email migration. The specialty in the conversion of email data has helped USL provide sensation products that triumph over the ordinary ones.

Unique functionality

Mail Extractor Pro has been designed to give the ultimate flexibility in converting Apple Mail to PST for Outlook. The developers, therefore, ensure that the tool has enough unique features to provide users the unique functionality and total control over the process.

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy and precision isn’t easy to come by in email migration products. There is always some kind of data fidelity issues observed in the converted files, which means anomalies compared to the original. Mail Extractor Pro has a special converting engine that ensures no data integrity issues. It fully preserves even the most of the vulnerable data.

Racing speeds of conversion

Another aspect that would delight you while converting Apple Mail to Outlook is the speed with which it functions. Not only the interface is swift and prompt, but the actual conversion of Apple mail to Outlook is lightning fast. It saves up to double your time compared to manual methods.

Download the free trial version of “Mail Extractor Pro” :

Try it today!

The free trial version has no restrictions on features. You can try the tool fully and get confident in its capability before investing your hard earned money. The only restriction is of time, that is, it will only run for a limited time. Later, once you sense its potential with your own senses, you can purchase from one of the three paid licenses.

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Download Mail Extractor Pro for your Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion.

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