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Apple Mail Export Mailbox to Pst now got simplified using “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Feel the streamlined experience of an otherwise tedious and painful task.

Email migration is certainly one of the most painful and slow tasks of computer world. What makes it worse is the lack of information and inefficient tools. All the methods suggested on internet can take you down to a weary road and you will get bruised.

One such email migration task is Apple Mail Export Mailbox to Pst. That means conversion of emails from Apple Mail to Pst format. This is specially painful because generally Apple Mail and Pst is for different platforms – Mac OS X and Windows. So naturally, it comes with a huge pack of issues and challenges. And it is not up to everyone to deal with them effectively.

If you are under similar situation, don’t worry. Here’s the perfect solution for you that you will find impressive and surprisingly easy. You don’t need to be an expert on anything to use it. If you have basic computer skills (like installing a simple software, sending and receiving emails, playing an mp3 song), you can use it without any trouble.

PST –  is an open proprietary file format used by Microsoft to store copies of messages, calendar events, and other items within software such as Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook. Recently, with the launch of Outlook 2016, you can even use this Pst file to import the data into Outlook 2016 for Mac. This is the first time when any app can support Pst file inside Mac environment.

So, what’s the best way to perform this Apple Mail to Pst conversion? Through a professional tool called “Mail Extractor Pro”. It is undoubtedly the best and the easiest program for conversion of email data without any corruption or modification. Email migration is specially notorious for its incomplete data situations, where most of the email properties/elements are left out and not properly converted to Pst files. This tool doesn’t have that issue.

Apple Mail Export Mailbox to Pst


  • Auto-load – It targets the “Mail” folder and auto-loads your emails from Apple Mail.
  • Manual Load – You can also manually load Mbox files if you want.
  • Folder preview and selection – After the database is loaded, you can view the folders inside it and select the ones you want to convert, instead of converting the whole thing. You can see all the folders with the same original structure as was inside Apple Mail.
  • Filter items – you can filter items based on types, such as mails, contacts, and calendar data.
  • Full conversion report – after the emails are converted to Pst, you can see the full conversion report with the details of the files converted and their location.

Why “Mail Extractor Pro” is the best – some more reasons!

  • Speed– It converts the data with extremely fast speed (1Gb/10 minutes, depending on your specifications of the computer)

  • Easy GUI – The interface of the tool is extremely easy to use. It has just one simple screen with all the features carefully ingrained on it that makes intuitive sense.
  • Data Accuracy – As said above, the conversion is highly accurate and there is no one thing that would be left out. You will find Pst files the mirror copy of the Apple Mail data.
  • Support non-English – Text sometimes can come broken after the conversion, if it is not in English. This tool employs Unicode to preserve all languages text.

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You don’t have to believe all of this. Click here to download the free trial version, risk free. And then if you like it, register for its full-paid version.

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To Apple Mail Export Mailbox to PST, Download free copy of Mail Extractor Pro.

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